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2020 Hero BCBSMI Virtual%20Well Being 4.3.20

Managing well-being in a virtual world

The cultural shift to social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak has changed much of daily...

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2020 Hero Support 4.7.2020

Working to meet the needs of the health care system

As the public health crisis surrounding the coronavirus outbreak continues, doctors, nurses and...

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2020 Hero Telemedicine

Making virtual care the new house call

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, health officials around the globe continue to encourage...

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2020 Hero Healthy%20Living%20Roundup 3.17.20

Simple solutions won’t solve a complex problem

Eat better, exercise more. For decades this simple solution has been offered to address...

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2019 Hero Horizon%20NSJO 12.10.19

Hope and healing through music

Beeps, buzzes, pokes and prods – time in the hospital can be stressful and unsettling. But...

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2019 Hero BlueKC Spira%20Care 12.2.19

Reimagining primary care through a personal touch

Health care can be complicated, expensive and, too often, inconvenient. But what if it...

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2019 Hero BCBSMI%20PCMH 11.4.19

Collaborating to help people get healthy faster, stay healthy longer and reduce costs for everyone

Finding the right doctor can be essential to an individual’s long-term health, giving...

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2019 Hero BCBSMA%20DotRx Final 10.22.19

A prescription for healthy living

You don’t need a pill to eat more nutritious foods, become more active or make other small...

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2019 Hero Wellvolution.1

Making wellness programs work better

Employers are expected to spend, on average, $3.6 million on corporate wellness...

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2019 Hero BCBSRI%20Pharmacists 10.09.19

More than a dispenser of medicine

Today, 66 percent of adults in the U.S. use prescription drugs, and the proportion is...

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2019 Hero BHBundle 9.27.19

Moving mental health to the forefront of care

For decades, those struggling with behavioral and mental health problems have lived with a...

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2019 Hero BCBSNC%20Diabetes 09 26 19

Stopping diabetes before it starts

An estimated 30.3 million people — more than nine percent of the U.S. population...

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2019 Hero BC%20Idaho%20Healthy%20Minds 091919

Ending the silence and stigma for youth with mental health needs

A conversation with Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health Executive Director Kendra...

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2019 Hero BCBSNM%20Peer%20Support 091719

Peers helping peers revive hope and recover

An addiction can happen to anyone at any time with any substance – alcohol, opioids or a...

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2019 Hero BCBSMT BigBlueSky 8.28.19

Filling the behavioral health vacuum in a vast land of need

Montana is home to 147,000 acres of postcard views, but beyond the rugged mountains, vast...

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2019 Hero BCBSMNCitizenBlue 8.19.19

Leading by example: Using civic engagement to bolster community health

For many Minnesotans civic engagement is part of their make-up. The state consistently achieves...

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2019 Hero ILNeighborhoodCenter 081219

Reviving health as part of a community’s renaissance

With more than $250 million in investments and 1,700 new jobs in the last decade, the...

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2019 Hero BCBSMS%20MaternalHealth 091219

Improving mothers’ health for safer pregnancies and healthy babies

The love and joy of motherhood begins before birth. As the excitement builds, women must remember...

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2021 Hero Maternal Health Update

Making childbirth safer for women in the U.S.

Nearly 4 million women give birth in the U.S. annually, the vast majority without any...

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2019 Hero VICU

Homeward bound: Virtual technology brings ICU care closer to home

For the 5.7 million people in the U.S. who need intensive care every year, hours or...

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2019 Hero Maternal%20Depression

A new paradigm of care to remove the old stigma of postpartum depression

At the very time society expects a woman to be at her most joyous—right after the birth of...

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2019 Hero%20Images Canalside

Trading wings for wellness in Buffalo

At the eastern shore of Lake Erie, at the head of the Niagara River and 16 miles south of Niagara...

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Hero%20Images Anthem%20Recidivism

Can a health insurer help break the recidivism cycle?

Individuals who have served time in prison often find it difficult to navigate the expectations...

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2019 Hero Infant%20Mortality

Helping babies in South Carolina reach a healthy first birthday

Nearly 4 million babies are born in the U.S. annually, the vast majority healthy and...

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2019 Hero Wellmark The%20Healthy%20Choice

Making the healthy choice the easy choice, one ZIP code at a time

Our health is largely influenced by the choices we make, and our ability to make healthy choices...

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2019 Hero HealthLiteracy

The ABCs of health literacy

Whether choosing a doctor, knowing what medications to take or planning a meal, people make...

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Fighting food insecurity, one meal at a time

Across the country, 40 million people live in food-insecure households, uncertain of...

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IStock 502351625 Signing Document 1550x565

4 key advances in the 2018 opioids law

In 2017, President Donald J. Trump officially declared the opioid epidemic a national public...

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Optimized House Couple 1550x565

Housing for better health

Housing is a health issue. There’s an inextricable link between health and housing, yet...

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Sharing Solutions Fight Opioids Crop

Sharing solutions to fight the opioid epidemic

Congress is moving toward completing legislation representing a significant step forward in...

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2020 Hero Social DeterminantsUpdate 4.13.20

Social determinants: Addressing barriers to better health

What are social determinants of health? Social determinants of health are the conditions in...

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Community67 Hero

Creating a community for Medicaid members, online and in their own voice

With nearly 3 billion people connected online, social media touches everyone and its impact on...

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Community64 Hero

Smoke-free living helps public housing residents breathe easier

For most people, the experience of being engulfed by a cloud of cigarette smoke has been greatly...

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2019 Hero RuralHealth%20Replace 041819

Serving rural health needs by training those who’ve served

In combat, military medics treat everything from minor illnesses to catastrophic injuries. But...

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Community40 Hero

A lifeline for rural Americans struggling against the opioids tide

Americans living in rural communities are seven times less likely than those living in cities to...

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Building%20a%20better%20recess%20  %20and%20healthier%20kids%20  %20in%20Rhode%20IslandHERO

Building a better recess — and healthier kids — in Rhode Island

One of the most important activities to boost a child’s physical, mental and social...

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Community61 Hero

The doctor is out of your office and in the community

Decades ago, doctors routinely visited patients at home, snapping open their bags to examine...

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Community59 Hero

House of Hope: Teaching families to fight addiction together

Avi Israel is on a mission to help other parents avoid the heartbreak he experienced after his...

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