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2019 Hero SonarMD 7.25.19

Using real-time connections to manage chronic disease

With 86 cents of every health care dollar spent treating people with chronic disease,...

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2019 Hero Workit

Taking addiction care online

For the first time ever, death from an accidental opioid overdose poses a greater risk to...

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2019 Hero Insights Triple S MA 042219

The Medicare “advantage” in Puerto Rico

Nowhere is Medicare Advantage more popular than in Puerto Rico, where 70 percent of eligible...

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2019 Hero AxialHealthcare Tackling%20Opioids

Tackling the opioids epidemic with connectivity and compassion

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 50...

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2019 Hero Healthify SDOH

Building a high-tech, high-touch model to address social determinants of health

Early in my career, I served as a community health worker for Medicaid families in Baltimore, and...

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2020 Hero TakingAimAtDrugs Update 4.20.20

Taking aim at rising drug prices

Prescription drugs play a critical role in helping to prevent, manage and even cure various...

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Insights66 Hero

Confronting the burden of chronic disease

A new paper from Kenneth E. Thorpe, PhD, "Spending Across Key Chronic Health Care...

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2020 Hero StateReinsurance Update 4.20.20

Three ways states can lower insurance premiums and increase consumer choice

For at least the last decade, the national health policy debate has centered on expanding access...

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2020 Hero Insights TobaccoUpdate 4.13.20

Finish the fight against tobacco

Hear more Matt Myers, president and CEO of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, discusses the...

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2020 Hero TechAndPersonalTouch Chronic Disease Update 4.20.20

Tech and a personal touch can reduce chronic disease

I was excited to connect recently with Brenda Schmidt, the founder and CEO of Solera...

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Insights52 Hero

4 essentials for the continued success of Medicare Advantage

One in three Medicare beneficiaries is now enrolled in Medicare Advantage, a private health plan...

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