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The link between health care affordability and health equity

Our health care system is plagued by long-standing inequities, and for too many people across the U.S., the cost of care is too expensive. Without access to appropriate care, conditions can worsen and costs can increase. While there are no simple solutions, real action is being taken in communities across the country to address these inequities. Industry and community leaders are coming together along with lawmakers to help ensure high-quality affordable health care is available to all Americans.

Recently, Dr. Adam Myers, senior vice president and chief clinical transformation officer at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, joined Stacey D. Stewart, president and CEO of the March of Dimes and Carrie Cochran-McClain, chief policy officer at the National Rural Health Association, to discuss a health system that works for all by looking at the link between health care affordability and health equity, offering insights into what is being done and what more we can do. 

“Ineffective care is the most expensive care. So part of ensuring affordability is ensuring that effective care is prioritized. This includes prioritizing equity as well. If you look within hospitals and health systems, people from underrepresented communities tend to suffer more complications within the health system writ large and have poorer outcomes.” -- Dr. Adam Myers

Read the discussion here.


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