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Virtual care is transforming care delivery through technology

 BCBSA Sr. Vice President, Office of Policy and Representation Justine Handelman and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Medical Director of Clinical Innovations, Dr. Roberta Capp discuss virtual care during a POLITICO Plug In with Playbook event. View here

Medicine is constantly evolving, with advances in research and technology making newer, more effective treatments available every day. Virtual care allows for increased access and improved efficiency for both the patient and physician. From telehealth visits with a primary care physician to remote monitoring of hospital patients or those being treated at home, as technology advances the ability to care for patients through virtual connections grows.

While virtual care had already been growing in popularity, the COVID-19 outbreak led to the rapid adoption of many additional virtual care strategies. This has been crucial to helping people maintain health during the crisis. But to successfully integrate expanded virtual care into medical practice over the long-term, policymakers, the health care industry and patients have to adapt and adjust further.

white paper from the Health IT Roundtable offers predictions and recommendations for the continued evolution of care. Here are some recommendations to guide policymakers:

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