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Building on what we have to insure all Americans

As the debate surrounding the future of healthcare coverage intensifies, it’s important to understand that 90 percent of Americans already have coverage—and taking steps to ensure the remaining 10 percent can access coverage and care does not require disrupting hundreds of millions across the country who already have it.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association President and CEO Scott Serota shares his views on how to achieve universal coverage and reduce healthcare costs in this CNN.com op-ed.

Everyone should have access to health care, no matter who you are or where you live.

To achieve this, we need to implement common-sense solutions that protect people with pre-existing conditions, expand access to coverage and care—and lower costs for everyone.

How do we do that? The Affordable Care Act provides the framework. The health reform law, enacted in 2010, protects people regardless of their health status, guarantees a robust set of essential benefits, extends new protections for those with employer-based coverage, gives states incentives to expand Medicaid and offers significant financial assistance to eligible individuals who purchase coverage on their own.

Today, 90 percent of Americans are covered. The imperative is to close the gap that leaves the remaining 10 percent so vulnerable, without disrupting coverage and care for the nearly 300 million Americans who already are covered.  Read more.

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Scott Serota President and CEO Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

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